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Molly Schuyler vs. 72oz Steak World Record

Congratulations to Molly Schuyler for beating the 72oz steak World Record! She is the new record holder of the 72oz steak challenge, with eating her first meal in 4:58 and for dessert…she ate a second meal in 9:59!

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Two 72-oz Steaks Devoured Ridiculously Fast By Mother Of Four

A record for eating steak held by the most dominant competitive eater fell to a mother of four from Nebraska on Monday
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Fat steak no match for skinny woman in eating challenge

There are days Molly Schuyler eats little or nothing at all.
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Mother of four takes Joey Chestnut’s steak-dinner record

Molly Schuyler, a 125-pound mother from Nebraska, beat Chestnut’s record at the Big Texan Steak Challenge.
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Joey Chestnut’s steak-eating record smashed by mom of four

Joey Chestnut is the undisputed king of Independence Day, but Memorial Day now belongs to a 5-foot-7, 125-pound mother of four — and destroyer of 72-ounce steaks (and Chestnut’s records).
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The Big Texan Steak Challenge Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

Texans have been handed their pride in a doggy bag by a Nebraska woman named Molly “Bottomless Pit” Schuyler. Over the Memorial Day weekend, the professional competitive eater traveled to Amarillo’s Big Texan steakhouse where she took on the Big Texan Steak Challenge.
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Mom, 34, who weighs just 125lbs sets new competitive eating world record after devouring 72-oz steak in under five minute… and then promptly eats another one!

The world record for the time it takes to devour a 72-ounce steak dinner was smashed on Monday by a 34-year-old mother from Nebraska.
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Woman eats two 72-ounce steaks — in less than 15 minutes

On Monday, Molly Schuyler ate two 72-ounce steak meals at The Big Texan Steak Ranch in less than 15 minutes.
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